Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas local news reports the New Year has been good for our town. Hotels are at a 95% occupancy rate and the holiday brought in tens of thousands of visitors, up for the third year in a row. We have suffered greatly during this Great Recession, so the news bodes well for 2012.

However, I wasn’t at the Strip for New Year’s Eve, never have been. It’s the equivalent to going to Times Square in NYC. I never did that either. My New Year was spent at home. My husband cooked for my daughter and mother and me what he cooks best—chicken cacciatore. I baked an apple pie and provided a nice 2005 Pinot Noir. We were all in bed before midnight.
I have never been one for New Year resolutions, so I won’t make any here. But I have a very big year coming up (which you will hear about in later posts), and I’m getting old (which you will also here about in later posts), so I’m determined to make time for the things I’ve wanted to do for myself. This blog is one of them.
After reading a blog about blogs here, I learned three very important things. First, a blog is about making new friends. Okay, I can get with that, who can’t use a few extra friends? The second is that my readers are looking for information. Third, that the blog should have a focus. As you can tell from the bio I tagged my blog with, “an East coast girl writes about books, food, family, and life in the desert Southwest,” I have lots of information to give and not so much focus. The last suggestion from my blog about blogs is to plan the subjects of my posts and to set deadlines. So my goal this year is to write one post per month and to limit each entry to 500 words (so as not to bore you, my dear reader).

Here are some titles of posts I hope to bring to you this year:
Walking on the Ocean Floor                                        
Cheddar Cheese Scones
Turtlehead Peak
Hieroglyphs: A Review
Virginia Woolf Comes to Vegas
Spectacle in the Desert
My Nuclear Family
Street Names
New York City from the Other Side

Adventures in Technology

How Public Libraries Saved My Life
It is a potpourri of delightful topics. Who knows what else 2012 will bring and that’s the fun of it, I guess. Like writing itself, the year will only unfold as I enter into it. So here’s to us, my friends, a toast to a New Year, to unknown opportunities and unthought-of experience, to love, to passion, to creativity.
Happy New Year to you all from a Vegas of my own.